Galactic w/Cyril Neville
Galactic w/Cyril Neville Galactic w/Cyril Neville
Frenchy's latest masterpiece, a captivating 24x36 Black & White portrait, is a tribute to the soul-stirring sounds of New Orleans band Galactic, with the legendary Cyril Neville from The Meters gracing the composition. Crafted during the electric atmosphere of the Blue Note Napa's Summer Sessions on September 23rd, 2023, this remarkable artwork embodies the very soul of Galactic's music. In this monochromatic symphony, Frenchy skillfully captures the band's dynamic energy and the magnetic presence of Cyril Neville, showcasing the convergence of two iconic forces in the world of music. The painting not only immortalizes the spirit of New Orleans but also the enduring legacy of these remarkable musicians.