Buddy Guy | 2023 New Orleans Jazz Fest
Buddy Guy | 2023 New Orleans Jazz Fest Buddy Guy | 2023 New Orleans Jazz Fest

As you gaze upon the stunning portrait of Buddy Guy, you can't help but feel awed by the sheer talent of Frenchy. Created live at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on May 4th, 2023, the painting captures the energy and vibrancy of the legendary blues musician's performance.

One unique aspect of Frenchy's live painting process is that at one point during the show, he flipped the canvas upside down and continued working on the painting. This incredible feat only serves to highlight his immense skill and creativity.

From his vantage point on the left side of the soundboard at the Shell Gentilly Shell stage, Frenchy was able to capture every detail of Guy's performance. The portrait is full of movement and energy, with Guy's guitar playing and facial expressions rendered in stunning detail.

At 36" x 24", the painting is large enough to allow the viewer to fully appreciate Frenchy's masterful use of color and texture. The warm tones of Guy's skin and the vibrant blues and greens of his clothing create a dynamic and lively atmosphere.

Frenchy's technique is second to none, with every brushstroke showcasing his remarkable skill and attention to detail. You can almost hear the sounds of the guitar and feel the energy of the crowd as you admire the painting.

This is Frenchy's third fairgrounds painting of the 2023 New Orleans Jazz Fest, a testament to his love and appreciation for the music and culture of the city. The painting is a fitting tribute to one of the greats of the blues genre and a showcase of the artist's incredible talent and creativity.